The OO Roadshow 2018

Optimum Output was on the road again this fall, with Tejas and Andrew in Wisconsin for WorkWise Vision 2018.

Here’s a short update of what we did and what we learned.

Learning 1. Being authentically customer centric matters.

The WorkWise biennial customer conference in Milwaukee was again a model of how to engage with customers. As a long term partner of WorkWise, we’ve observed that their customer focus is the secret sauce of why their business thrives.

Attendees get a lot of value with specialized workshops around both ERP and CRM. The future development roadmap is shared and customers can provide their input.

But more importantly in my view, is that the conference atmosphere is so genuine. Customers really get to meet and talk to the people that help them day-to-day. It feels not like a glitzy marketing event, but instead a place where customers can learn how to get better.

Learning 2. You need to listen to your customers, and educate them

It’s important to listen to your customer and build what they need. What you build needs to be future proof . While this may not be what a customer explicitly suggests, it is what they implicitly expect.

Wayne Wedell of WorkWise opened the conference. His remarks included some bold predictions on cloud hosting. As a fellow tech company, we’re impressed with how WorkWise is continually educating their customers on the benefits of moving to the cloud & embracing technology.

We at Optimum Output were also able to educate our joint customers on the advancements we’ve made. In addition to showcasing our new mobile app with QR Code functionality, we were able to unwrap our latest product — The BPR for Customers. The BPR has always been about helping our customers create useful and inspiring visual content for their teams. With our latest advancements our customers can extend that visual content to their own customers.

And learning 3 — don’t forget to have some fun.

Tejas got the chance to show off his self-proclaimed flawless swing….

….and Andrew enjoyed the architecture of the spectacular Milwaukee Art Gallery.

Last but not least, we hit the road to visit some customers. Many thanks to Orthman Manufacturing in Nebraska and Capstan AG in Kansas .

See you next year!

Andrew Sloan is the Director of Content and Strategy at Optimum Output, creators of The BPR. If you’re interested in learning how you can add a digital layer to your physical products, drop him an email or find more information here.