QR Code Enabled

Seamless integration between the physical and the virtual with our QR code-enabled work instructions.

Improve Every Day

Improve your processes every day with The BPR's easy to use interface and library management software.

Cloud-Based Security

Store all your resources in the cloud for easy access and state-of-the-art security.

User-Level Access Control

Intuitive user-level access control allows you to quickly and efficiently control access to your process repository.

Quick Capture & Fast Distribution of Visual Knowledge

Quick Capture & Fast
Distribution of Visual Knowledge

The BPR is the fastest way to capture, organize & distribute visual knowledge for maximum business continuity.

The BPR is the fastest way to capture, organize & distribute visual knowledge for maximum business continuity.

Capturing & Sharing knowledge is not about perfect documentation it’s about the speed to get it done. The BPR is the fastest way to capture, organize, & distribute visual knowledge to your team. Whether on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android.

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Visual Work Instruction Video

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Customers world-wide use The BPR to improve their business processes every day

digital product manuals


The BPR has two distinct offerings. BPR for Team was created for organizations to create and share digital work instructions across your workforce. BPR for Customer allows you to create white-label branded libraries for your customers on an enterprise scale. Find our which product is right for you.

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security is our top priority

We Take Your Security Seriously

Security designed for the most discrete companies.

  • Military Grade Security Protocols
  • SSL Encryption
  • Comprehensive User-Level Security Settings
  • IP Whitelisting Access
  • Encrypted QR codes scannable only by The BPR app.

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prmote sustainability

Save The Planet

We don’t just help customers improve their business processes – we also help them improve sustainability and reduce waste.

  • Reduce waste and save money by eliminating the need for paper process manuals, product manuals, documentation, and more.
  • Capture and share improvement ideas around waste and sustainability with your team.
  • Introduce a digital solution for your customers. Reduce the amount of physical paper & physical product needed to keep them satisfied.


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