Align Manufacuring with ERP via Work Instructions

Manufacturing and ERP

1. Aligning ERP processes with manufacturing can be a complex task due to the inherent differences between systems. Customizing generic ERP solutions to fit unique manufacturing processes can be time-consuming and costly. As organizations evolve and scale, both systems will need to adapt.

2. A Deloitte study revealed that 68% of manufacturing firms faced operational disruptions stemming from inconsistencies between their manufacturing processes and ERP systems. This highlights the pressing need for improved alignment and integration.

3. Integrating digital work instructions that work hand-in-hand with your ERP implementation can bridge the gap between your manufacturing and ERP processes. By doing so, you can drive efficiency, decrease errors, and help your team make more nformed decisions.

4. The BPR helps organizations align their ERP processes with their manufacturing processes helping to boost manufacturing efficiency and accuracy. It also provides an enterprise-wide repository of information through real-time work instructions and data capture.

5. By aligning manufacturing processes with ERP through integrated work instructions, we’ve effectively solved the challenge of inefficiency and improved operational excellence.The challenge of misaligned manufacturing and ERP is solved. Ready to optimize your operations? Contact today for a solution!

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