How To Record And Document Your ERP Procedures

RECORD AND DOCUMENT YOUR ERP PROCEDURES1) Implementing and maintaining your ERP solution can be both complex and confusing and includes both internal and external parties. Often documentation can be seen as expendable due to the sheer number of tasks involved during implementation.

2) Nearly 75% of all ERP implementations fail for mulitple reasons (Gartner). The #1 cited source for these failures are ineffective implementation teams of which documentation skills are deemed critical.

3) Having clearly documented ERP processes reduces the time needed for communication between team members, helps retain knowledge when key team
members move on from the company, drastically improves new employee training, and more

4) The BPR is tailored to allow organizations to easy record, organize, and share complex business processes throughout your company. Having this central store of documentation allows users to learn and share knowledge enterprise-wide.

5) With a high rate of failure, ERP implementations are sorely in need of improved documentation practices to protect their investment. Collecting and distributing this knowledge is key to it’s success.

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