How To Start Process Documentation

How to start process documentation1) What are the benefits? 75% of business managers, consultants, practitioners, and analysts believe that process documentation has helped their organizations accomplish major goals ( 2020 The State of Business Process Management Report).

2) Start with a high-level view (such as departments). Identifying your structure and relationships is a critical first step in defining, categorizing, and prioritizing processes.

3) Next, identify teammates who can help and assign documentation to Subject Matter Experts. Emphasizing the benefits of process documentation will help get your team on board.

4) Provide clear deadlines and methods for documentation. Use careful, structured messaging to ensure the collection of accurate information. Track completion and check in with your team.

5)Which documentation tools meet your company’s needs? TheBPR creates a comprehensive cloud-based map of your organization’s processes and has features to enhance your team’s capabilities. Contact Optimum Output at today to get started. Our team of experts is here to make documentation simple, secure, mobile, and foundational.

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