How Work Instructions Helps Train Employees

1) There are several challenges that companies may face when it comes to training employees from the cost of training, the time to train them, and keeping up with changes to their processes.

2) On average, companies in the United States spend $1,296 per employee on training and development. (Training Industry Report)

3) Work instructions can help speed employee training time by providing a clear and standardized process for performing a task, allowing for self-paced learning, and providing visual aids and on-demand learning resources.

4) The BPR allows employees a visual reference to processes and procedures that are shared enterprise-wide. It allows employees to author their own work instructions and share them with coworkers making training an inherent part of the process.

5) Developing effective and comprehensive training programs is a challenge for any company. Using work instructions allows your company to scale your repository as you grow and provides an immediate benefit to new employees who come on board.

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