How The BPR Improves Your ERP Solution



Capture, Organize and Showcase with visual work instructions that drive efficiency and innovation.


Create a digital layer around your existing ERP processes to continually improve

Reduce Training Time

Accelerate your existing processes leading to faster training and increased efficiency.

Improved Integration

Connect the dots in your manufacturing PLM process and sent a standard of work across your workforce.

Manufacturing PLM

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is used to help companies manage resources, finances and other business resources across all stages of development. Many Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems incorporate some level of PLM. The BPR can help businesses maximize the resources available and speed time to deployment by providing visual work instructions for every step of the PLM process.

The BPR is designed to help companies author, organize, and distribute work instructions. Create easy-to-use work instructions that be accessed anywhere using the BPR app from your PC and your existing mobile devices. Leverage your existing workforce to create visual instructions that can be used as the backbone to your PLM processes. With user level access control you can distribute the right work instructions at the right time.

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Improve Your PLM & ERP Process

While ERP systems often include a PLM module there are often gaps in the workflow that need to be addressed. The BPR can help you close those gaps by providing a standard of work across your PLM process that makes it easy to follow and improves integration.


security is our top priority

We Take Your Security Seriously

Security designed for the most discrete companies.

  • Military Grade Security Protocols
  • SSL Encryption
  • Comprehensive User-Level Security Settings
  • IP Whitelisting Access
  • Encrypted QR codes scannable only by The BPR app.

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prmote sustainability

Save The Planet

We don’t just help customers improve their business processes – we also help them improve sustainability and reduce waste.

  • Reduce waste and save money by eliminating the need for paper process manuals, product manuals, documentation, and more.
  • Capture and share improvement ideas around waste and sustainability with your team.
  • Introduce a digital solution for your customers. Reduce the amount of physical paper & physical product needed to keep them satisfied.