Record And Document Your Acumatica ERP Processes

1) As with any ERP solution Acumatica implementation success often hinges on coordination between multiple teams. Documentation can be a key factor in the success of these efforts in both implementation and maintenance.

2) In a 2019 survey, 67% of distributors and manufacturers described their implementations as successful or very successful (Gartner). Even after successful implementation documentation is critical for the long-term success of the ongoing ERP procedures.

3) Documentation needs to be a priority from the beginning of any ERP implementation. Many ERP solutions take months to implement and often include teams outside of your organization. When these teams leave, your internal teams need reference to continue using these modules successfully.

4) With The BPR you are able to easily record every step of every process and easily distribute this knowledge to your team wherever they are. From the shop floor to shareholders there is a central store of all the procedures to keep your Acumatica processes flowing.

5) Drastically improve the chances of a successful Acumatica implementation with The BPR. ERP solutions often involve a significant investment of both employee time and capital. Ensuring your team has the tools necessary to capture and re-use knowledge is critical.

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