Record And Document Your Alere ERP Processes

1) Alere ERP is widely known for solving complex manufacturing issues. As with any ERP solution having a repository of process documentation can greatly improve your ERP success rate and adoption among users.

2) Manufacturing companies are the number one users of ERP software with 47% of companies looking to acquire an ERP solution. These implementations face many challenges including user experience and system modifications. ( Documenting these processes can help solve many of these challenges.

3) Properly documenting ERP processes can help retain crucial information necessary for user adoption and long-term usability. When your implementation team moves on, having access to a solid process repository can be invaluable.

4) The BPR enabled companies to author, store, and deploy user workflows and work instructions to their teams. These process documents let you onboard and train new users easily and effectively. Users across the organization can also collaborate to continually improve these processes.

5) Since documentation is often overlooked during and after an ERP implementation tools like the BPR can help improve company efficiency at any stage of an ERP lifecycle. By providing your users access to a central repository of process documentation you can eliminate mistakes and provide clarity.

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