The BPR As A Learning Platform

1) As a company grows they face challenges in training and updating employees on new or existing processes. They can lack a central store of information and face mounting costs effectively training new employees or expanding that knowledge to existing employees.

2) Effectively training employees while controlling costs is important to drive growth and improving employee efficiency. Small companies (100 to 999
employees) spent $1600 per-person in 2021 on training employees (2021 Training Industry Report)

3) Developing a learning platform for your organization helps organize, automate, and effecively communicate with users and course creators. As
processes evolve they can be easily managed in a central store of all your documentation and processes.

4) A tool like The BPR provides a central store of all your company’s processes and makes them available to anyone in the organization. The BPR provides both user generated processes and product documentation that can be accessed to allow for new employees to rapidly ramp up.

5) There are hundreds of learning management systems available. A tool like The BPR provides a cost effective way to create a LMS backbone and create an efficient way to bolster knowledge across the organization. Creating content is streamlined and can be shared across user groups.

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