What Is A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

1) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) define expected practices in all companies as they describe how tasks are completed and establish the standards of operation.

2) Recognizing the benefits of SOPs, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has indicated that the use of SOPs is a necessary part of a successful quality system

3)SOPs are process documents that capture all relevant steps and materials for work and ensure that you and your team are coordinated. Any document that outlines ‘how’ is on its way to becoming an SOP.

4) Creating SOPs with a tool like The BPR can lead to benefits like a reduced the risk of errors, improved customer satisfaction, timely registration of deadlines and to-dos, alignment of objectives across departments, and improved employee confidence.

5) Every company has its own style, and all employees contribute in a unique way SOPs help you identify those strengths and learn where you can improve.

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