What Is Process Re-Engineering?

Process Reengineering1) Facing a need to change, such as to implement dramatic improvements to productivity or quality? Many companies are turning to process re-engineering to solve these and other persistent problems.

2) Judd Antin (Head of Design Studio at AirBnb) credits a 2016 process re-engineering project for designers, engineers, and researchers as essential for developing stronger, more consistent product development (blog ‘Behind the Scenes’).

3) Business process re-engineering is a management strategy where key team members transform processes so the company can focus on what really matters.

4) By starting with a blank slate and the correct tools, companies can restrategize and accelerate their improvement. Process documentation tools (such as The BPR) will enable your team to capture and share new workflows.

5) What actions are really adding value to your organization? Have you put people or profits at the center of your business? Process re-engineering helps you understand where your company is going.

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